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Interview with Deadman *-*


What is the origin of the name deadman?
With this name we wanted to express the idea of confinement of mankind, both morally and physically, but it is also a reference to the politics of Japan which tends towards a confinement of oneself.

Which artists have inspired you?

Any Western artists too?
Kurt Cobain (vocalist of the now disbanded grunge band Nirvana)

How do you create your songs?
The music is composed first and then the lyrics.

Mako, what are your sources for inspiration to write the lyrics? Are there any repeated themes?
I do not really have any themes… But mostly I write about the psychological instability of mankind, the mortality of humans, but also religion like Christianity and Shintoïsm

Did you read the bible?
Mako: Yes I read it, but the interpretation of the bible, just like all religions, differs from country to country.

Mako, you are the only one who kept a ‘visual kei’ look, why?
This look is my way of expressing myself, and to convey an emotion. Everyone feels things in a different way… The other members express themselves through another way, that’s all.

What does the title of the mini-album 701125 mean?
It’s the date of Mishima Yukio’s death (Editors note: Mishima was a very popular author, who committed suicide on November 25th, 1970).

All the songs from your latest album ‘In the direction of sunrise and night light’ are English. Why is this? Are you planning to export it abroad?
There is no plan, no goal.

The newest album is also calmer, why?
We hadn't planned this either, it just happened. We compose our songs from the heart when we get inspiration.

What was your reaction when you were asked to do some concerts in Europe?
Quite simply, we were very happy!

Do you have any particular expectations for these concerts? Will you do something different during the show?
We do not have any expectations towards the fans. As for the show, we also have not planned to do anything different compared to our concerts in Japan.

You are not worried that the language barrier will cause a problem?
No matter what language is used, the emotions are the most important, and as long as the emotions come across in the music, it is enough.

Has a European publisher proposed to you to export your music?
No, not yet, but we would like to!

Will these two concerts be a subject for a DVD release?

Do you know the band that are your opening act in France?
No, not yet…

If you had the possibility to play with a Western band, which one would it be?
Nirvana (laughs) (Editors note: the band doesn’t exist anymore nowadays)

You’ve recently arrived in France, is there already something that has attracted your attention?
The city is beautiful, but so far we haven’t had time to see anything special.

What do you want to see in France?
L’arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame, the canal locks…
Mako: I would like to see the religious monuments, not just the Christian monuments but all kinds of places of worship.

Do you have any projects planned after your return to Japan?
When we return, a tour is waiting for us, but after that we don’t have any projects planned yet.
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